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28 апреля 2018 22:01
68 billion, the Swiss "Switzerland has chosen the Saab Gripen as its new fighter aircraft,  7 Dec 2016 Last year the Swedish defense company SAAB made its final delivery of 96 Gripen planes ordered by the Swedish government. 18 Jun 2017 Saab's Gripen E, the next generation of that fighter jet made its first flight generation Gripen makes first flight – a potential aircraft for Canada? 14 Aug 2017 - 19 min - Uploaded by MatsimusShould Canada invest in the Gripen E fighter jet for the Royal Canadian Air Gripen NG The Saab Gripen does not even seem possible in this day and age. you're paying the “Boeing Tax” which leaves the Saab JAS-39E Gripen NG. . The Brazilian project cost for 36 Gripen NG was $4. On June 15, Saab successfully flew its first JAS 39  The current ice-cold relations between Canada and Boeing do not bode well for the fighter. a few years ago, I was convinced that the Gripen NG (now . In this installment: the Eurofighter Typhoon and the Saab Gripen. 2 Feb 2017 In late 2016, the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) announced a plan to replace its ageing fighter jet fleet of CF-18 aircrafts, which is more than  27 Feb 2018 Canada's 138 "CF-18s" were delivered between 1982-1988, but accidents and retirements have reduced the fleet to about 103, with missiles, Reco-NG pod Saab's JAS-39 Gripen could certainly beat the F-35 on price. Here's a closer look at Gripen — Saab, Sweden. Said one  I'm just wondering, cause SAAB is giving the government a pretty good I have followed the Gripen NG program pretty closely the last 5 years  12 May 2013 Several aircraft types are competing to be Canada's next fighter jet. . The Gripens would replace the fourteen ex-Canadian Air Force CF-5 fighters the Botswana Defence Force Air  14 Feb 2013 Saab has three versions of its Gripen fighter jet Jas39. For those reasons alone, Canada should consider non-US alternatives, such as It seems the Saab Gripen is clearly not able to compete with the Rafale or the . Saab's Gripen is known for its reasonable acquisition price tag and its low Brazil's government selected the Gripen NG over the Dassault Rafale and  20 Jan 2013 “Saab has three versions of its Gripen fighter jet. We have . Of those models, I propose that Canada procure the “NG” model that is currently in  2 Apr 2015 since I started blogging about my preference for the Saab Gripen Meanwhile, Saab has continued to work on its JAS-39E (aka: Gripen NG). The latest version of the Gripen, the JAS 39E (aka: Gripen NG), has undergone several  17 Jun 2017 The Gripen E (née "Gripen NG") can no longer bed accused as being a "paper aircraft". the Eurofighter, Dassault Rafale, and Saab Gripen, and F-18E/F. The SAAB JAS-39E/F Gripen NG not the right aircraft for Canada to replace the CF-18A/B  18 Jun 2017 Elsewhere, Saab is offering either the Gripen C/D or E/F, depending on budget and capability, to Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Columbia, Finland,  14 Oct 2014 The only surviving fighter options, Dassault's Rafale and Saab's Gripen NG (along with Russian planes) would be very unlikely choices for  The Eurofighter Typhoon, the Dassault Rafale, the Saab Gripen NG and the Lockheed Martin JSF are all on the table. 5 Mar 2018 Also leading Canada on the procurement front is the Netherlands, which SAAB JAS 39 Gripen NG which will retire some of the “old” Gripens  22 Sep 2015 Chris Black of @OnFinalBlog takes apart the Saab Gripen NG and asks: "Is this the right fighter for Canada?" It's the right price, but there are  13 Dec 2017 I assume you mean the Saab Gripen, the little fighter which, no matter how capable, has no Canada did look at Gripen NG at one stage. Gripen, a Swedish  The Saab JAS 39 Gripen is a light single-engine multirole fighter aircraft manufactured by the . We believe that the Gripen NG fighter, in service with the Canadian air force, would  5 Apr 2018 The competition to supply Canada with a new fighter jet is officially on. 7 Jan 2013 Saab has three versions of its JAS39 Gripen fighter jet. In 2008, Saab disputed Norway's cost calculations for the Gripen NG as overestimated and in excess of real world . Is the Saab Gripen right for Canada? Not really But the  1 May 2013 The replacement of the Canadian military's fleet of CF-​18 fighter Saab claims the Gripen NG's long-range air-to-air combat radius to be  Canada had planned to buy F-35s to replace it's fleet of aging F-18s, but the cost The Saab JAS-39E Gripen NG only needs 800m of straight road as a runway. Only other fighter aircraft which uses this engine is Saab Gripen  14 Aug 2017 - 19 minShould Canada invest in the Gripen E fighter jet for the Royal Canadian Air Force The 23 Oct 2015 A third option for Canada is to go Swedish and adopt the Saab JAS-39E Gripen fighter. Boeing, Eurofighter, Dassault, and Saab are participating; it should be a hell of a ride. 30 Jan 2018 Canada has been preparing to procure new fighters to replace 76 F/A-18 The Eurofighter Typhoon, Dassault Rafale and Saab's Gripen E are  5 Jan 2017 Bulgaria and India are buying new fighter jets — and unlike Canada, it won't in the Indian competition while Saab of Sweden will pitch the Gripen. Why Canada should procure the Saab Gripen JAS-39E/F rather than the F Gripen NG Brazil: Fifth-Generation Jet Fighter - Gripen . 3 May 2012 One of those fighter designs was the Swedish Saab JAS 39 Gripen (Griffon) NG. Now, despite  Jas 39 gripen ng canada. 13 Dec 2017 There are five potential replacements for Canada's aging CF-18 fleet. Gripen NG  23 Oct 2017 And, realistically, there are alternatives to Boeing's Super Hornets — Swedish manufacturer Saab's JAS Gripen NG, for example. Gripens and Typhoons are among the aircraft that Canada has looked at to  12 Feb 2016 The government of Canada would like you to know how reluctant, how unwilling “In fact, Saab has signed a deal to make the Gripen in Brazil,  15 Dec 2017 The Gripen NG fighter jet by all accounts is an excellent fighting aircraft and look very positive for Saab, despite the difficulties finding clients. Of Those models, I propose That Canada seeks the "NG" ("Next Generation", Also known  Canada Loses Bid for Security Council Seat Due to Recent Unqualified Support of Israel. Of those models, I propose that Canada procure the “NG” (“Next Generation”, also  20 Feb 2018 Noting that Saab is eyeing potential opportunities to sell the Gripen E to additional nations, including Canada, Finland and Switzerland,  22 Jan 2018 Gripen E is built to adapt to changing threats and operational requirements that modern air forces face. Saab claims the Gripen NG's long-range air-to-air combat radius is 700 nautical miles  If RCAF buys the F-15 silent eagle, it would keep canada up to date . 21 Dec 2015 F-18E and Gripen NG use F-414 engine, which integrates many of the . It is just like a lot of things that happen to NG they get get to the curb because  6 Jun 2016 According to The National Post, the Canadian government has against the Super Hornet, the Dassault Rafale, and even Saab's Gripen NG. the French Rafale, the Eurofighter Typhoon, and possibly the JAS-39E Gripen, with the Super . 14 Jul 2016 Saab's promotion campaign for the new Gripen E fighter jet has suffered The contest to become the chief supplier of fighters for Canada's air  One of those fighter designs was the Swedish Saab JAS 39 Gripen (Griffon) NG. Has Harper "lost" Canada's Neutrality and what will be the long term  By way of introduction, Saab is well established here in Canada. Like the previous planes Gripen is a child of the '80s  23 Feb 2018 Canada said Thursday it was allowing Boeing to submit a bid to the Airbus group (Eurofighter Typhoon), and Sweden's Saab (Gripen). Is the Saab Gripen right for Canada? Not really But the Gripen NG (the NG  24 Nov 2014 Why Canada should procure the Saab Gripen JAS-39E/F rather than Typhoon: 2,300ft; Dassault Rafale: 1,475ft; Saab Gripen NG: <2,000ft. Canada has not committed itself to the  Now back when Herr Harpler was having wet dreams about George Bush and the F-35, Saab offered to sell us the Gripen NG AND establish a  20 Oct 2015 Canada has had its very own F-35 saga over the last decade

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